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This case of the month is submitted by Cory Fairchild, LMT. Cory specializes in sports massage, preparing young gymnasts for optimal performance. His submission illustrates the important point that differentiates sports massage from medical-massage. Unfortunately, this issue is frequently misunderstood. Many times we read articles or Internet posts in which authors treat shoulder injuries or knee injuries with sports massage.

Sports massage is used to enhance training and athletic performance but only when the athlete or sports enthusiast is free from the injury. When an athlete is injured, a massage practitioner should switch gears and move to a completely different approach using the appropriate protocol of medical-massage. For example, The rotator cuff damaged during a tennis game is similar to the rotator cuff injury of a construction worker.

Cory shares a similar vision, and he is equipped with the understanding and the professional knowledge necessary to assist athletes in any possible way they need.